Diamond Connection Ltd roles is one of providing specially negotiated discount and privileges.

Whether at home or on holiday or just whist passing time in everyday life, scheme members can use their card to save money on shopping.

There is a wide selection of big brand retailers offering substantial discounts on every day goods, luxury items and saving card for hotels.

Membership of the Phuket saving card scheme brings obvious and immediate benefits to the cost with well known brands whether this takes the form of hiring a car for less money , clients have that choice and can ensure  their spending knowing they are getting more for their money.

The competitive cost of Phuket saving card and the service offer will guarantee a great success and unstoppable phenomenon.

The card holders are followed with a great care by internal callcenter with 15 operators, 8 drivers delivered them, at time of renewal.

Can be account on many authorised store to reserve the cards and guide magazine whit monthly issue.

Internet portal is our success keys, lovely and attractive designing, easy to surfing with later technology, to have affiliated brands reaching with google map.

The card holder are also regularly contacted either by sms or line to either email for promotional campaigns. take care of card holders,keep them regularly update, it is our first point.

Phuket saving card will not give only for residents, we give to many tours operator in many country from Europe, Middle East, highly to orientated to tourism facility, to allow the visitors to take advantage of our service for the period have decided to spend in the country.